May 28, 2010

Blur Vs Split Second: The Race is On

Heres my major problem for my summer gaming this summer. I want to get a racing game to play online with my friends and with my bro this summerbut i have a huge choice to make. Split Second or Blur.

Blur is a lot more combat focused,  like Mario Kart… If you put it into the real world, then somehow
 convinced automotive manufactures to license actual cars for the slaughter. Seriously, you’ve never seen Corvettes BMWs and Dodge Vipers treated this maliciously.

Each track is littered with lethal projectiles, mines and boost items you can use to exploderize opponents to your heart’s content, as Blur appears to be extremely multiplayer focused. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Xbox Live Gold subscribers can jump in on the Multiplayer Beta right now!
Split Second, on the other hand, is of an entirely different. The game’s got multiplayer, but as far as I know, it doesn’t come anywhere near the XP earning, aggressive mods, and ranking progression you’ll unlock in Blur. But that doesn’t matter, because everything else about Split Second is unlike anything you’ve ever played. Those trailers and screen shots you’ve seen aren’t fibbing: The game is absolutely gorgeous, and wonderfully distinctive next to any other racing game you played this generation. To bad you don't even know how fast your going. But the power bar is pretty easy to read and understand, and has a great location on the screen.

Instead of an enormous amount of weapons, you’ll have to detonate various aspects of an enormous race environment. Good driving charges the Power Play meter, which you’ll then unleash to bring down, planes, trains, bridges,towers, and boulders on any opponent foolhardy enough to pull ahead of you. As a result, Split/Second feels much newer than Blur. Plus the game is a major success for a Disney Interactive game.

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