May 25, 2010

Why I Want A Wipeout Video Game?


A Video Game Version Of The Red Ball Challenge From Wipeout
 Wipeout is my favorite extreme sport TV show that I just can't wait to arrive each summer. With all these new virtual devices (Project Natal. Playstation Move, Wii, etc.) I can help but wonder "how bought a Wipeout video game". Developers better be hearing me out here when I say "WHY NOT". I mean the actual
show is so dangerous and only a quarter of the people in the world have the guts (or skills) to get on that course. So why not give everyone at home the experience of being on the coarse in the safety of their own home. Anyway so while I was researching the game, I

 stumbled upon an actual Wipeout Game Show video game. It's actually already a Wii game based on the British  version of the show "Total Wipeout". The games called Red Ball Challenge which really is a challenge in the actual show. there also an App of the game which has a larger selection of courses. Unfortunately these games don't satisfy my hunger for a Wipeout game. My dream Wipeout game is a game with excellent graphics, lets you name and customize your character (contestant) , a create your own coarse feature, and is Project Natal and Playstation Move compatible. I'm not asking for much, just a good game. The actual Wipeout: The Game will be released this summer for Wii and DS just in time for the summer premiere of the show. We will keep you posted on all news pertaining to the game.
Another Screen Shot Of Contestants During An Elimination Round

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