Jun 20, 2010

Have A Wii Party, With Style


In E3 2007 in Santa Monica Nintendo showed a Wii party station. It had 4 cup holders, 4 Wiimote slot holders (2 per side), 2 drawers to keep Nunchucks and games, and a compartment in the middle for chips. Convenient with style. Well here we are three years later and this party station masterpiece is still not in the market. We were hoping this would be the year Nintendo would release the exact date and price of the party station.

Nyko is a creator of other popular Wii accessories most significant the rechargeable Wii batteries with charger, is the creator of the Wii party station. With the PS Move coming soon Nyko might want to reinvent their station for the Move or help Nintendo rise back to the top in this battle by releasing the anticipated Wii Party Station.

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