Jun 14, 2010

Not Bad For A Split Second


A power play meter bar and some short cuts are just around the corner in this face paced racing game from Disney Interactive Studios. They have stepped it up a notch with Black Box to create there first game since the ATV game Pure from the same developers. The multiplayer lakes with a capacity of only 6 players online. None the less the game will have you coming back for more with action and excitement. The game involves you being broadcast in a TV show named Split Second.

There you must fill up your Power Play meter by doing things like jumps, drifts, etc. Once your done you can damage the competition with explosives. The game doesn't have much variety of cars and none that are popular or futuristic. A friend of mine complained during gameplay that he could not view the speed he was going at (He is used to Need For Speed). So  I let him know that really that was the least important factor of the game.
The game also has a great selection of places to race I, mean film on. So yes with all the fun this game brings you'll be at the edge of your seat blowing your friends and family right of the track. It sort of reminded me of Lights Camera Action the video game. the game doesn't give you a lot of space to use your creativity but that's just the format Disney Interactive and Black Box decided to go with, so I must respect their decision. Anyway the game sets a new standard for combat racing games, and gives Disney a name in the racing game bussiness.

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