Jun 12, 2010

What To Expect At E3 2010

Hey its Edwin. Oh did you know,E3 is upon us! E3 is this huge convention where the worlds top company's such as Sony, Microsoft, etc. share what they have been up too. It is a really big event, that always gets tons of publicity-for the right reasons!

This year all the new things that these guys have been up to is revolutionary. It is set to turn the video game industry upside down-TWICE!

OK without further ado lets begin. Prepare to be amazed, oh also be prepared to find your mouth open with maybe a little drool coming out. Yeah its that awesome!

Microsoft- Microsoft is revealing more about its newest project, Project Natal. Natal lets you be immersed in the game. It requires no controls, clothes, or attachable gadgets. Just you, Natal, and a TV.

Sony- Sony also goes in the same direction as Xbox to come up with a new type of gaming experience. They are revealing these motion controllers almost like the Wii called the Playstation Move.

Nintendo-Nintendo is revealing the 3DS. This new DS has stereoscopic 3D to make the game pop out at you. Plus it requires no glasses.

Also they are going to be talking about the new Zelda game, which should be great!

These are only some of the great things to happen. Check out E3 for more info. Remember to tune in June 15-17 to E3 on your TV to catch more awesome stuff from gaming's best!

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