Jul 9, 2010

Could Battle Tag Change The Way We Look At Home Laser Tag

Battle Tag is a new Ubisoft game based on the popular activity of laser tag. Laser Tag has always been known as an unharmful sort of paintball. But places like Boomers and Laser Quest will have some competition with Ubisoft's new Battle Tag. Of course the genre of "At Home Laser Tag" has been explored by many toy companies and all failed to. But Ubisoft says Battle Tag is different, is that really true. Can Ubisoft change the way we play Laser Tag forever, or will they fail like many toy brands before them.

The game can be played on a regular PC or Laptop. It consist of guns and vests, but also includes boxes that you place around your battlefield. Each box contains either ammo or health and all you do is hold the box under the gun and your set. Don't remember the toy brands doing that. The game uses something called Ubiconnect which is some what of a small satillite that tracks down each players vests and guns so it can track down the stats of the current game. You also can select what type of game you want to play. Heres Joystiq's demo of Battle Tag:


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