Jul 22, 2010

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Preview: Ultimate Spider-Man


It's official, the fourth Spider-Man dimension is an Ultimate Spider-Man. We have already showed you a preview of the first three dimensions, now it's time to unveil the fourth and final dimension.

The main villain in this dimension is Ultimate Carnage and you spending your levels through this universe battling goons until you reach your final boss fight with him. Although Ultimate Carnage is the main villain, I'm sure you will have to have a battle with Venom before you get to him. Deadpool will also be a villain to Ultimate Spidey in this dimension, which is an odd fit but it will be fun.

 The symbiote is a suit that uses a lot of power. In Spider-Man Web Of Shadows I never took off the symbiote suit because with out Spider-Man was just a kid running around in a red and blue costume. So in this game the symbiote/ultimate suit looks even more powerful with you being able to through enemies with extra arms made of the goo coming out of your buddy. This means better combat then in Web Of Shadows in Shattered Dimensions. This also means for more flexible combat then in Web Of Shadows where you were very restricted.

The Ultimate level allowes your symbiote-driven Spider-Man to focus on flashy and vicious combos, heightened further by a "Rage" mode that gives you access to longer and bigger combos. Combos are something other Spider-Man games failed on tremendously. Although no trailers have revealed evidence of a special move or combo unlocking system, but that's probably because developer Beenox still have some surprises up their sleeves (Which is hard to imagine).

Beenox still hasn't announced how all the dimensions will connect in the story or if their will be one big team-up in the end to face one mega boss, but that's probably just to keep us at the edge of our seats. Here is the official Comic-Con trailer.

What do you think of the trailer?

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