Jul 6, 2010

Xbox Live Arcade Has Set Course For It's Next Destination


If You've had problems searching through XBLA games, your solution is here. If you want to see everything you must search alphabetically, and even they you’re just reading game titles. What if I told you Microsoft is going to make it easier for you to find games your friends like, games that match what you like, and deals on games you might like? Then you would just love me wouldn't you? Then bring on the love (Just Joking) cause Destination Arcade is here.

There's not much information on the new browser , but we do know you'll be able to sort by price and community rating, find out about "the latest arcade releases through a news feed" (sort of like this one!) and, seemingly replacing a piece of pre-New Xbox Experience functionality, the ability recommend games to friends and see which games your friends have recommended.

Creating a navigable experience for the Xbox Live Marketplace has been an uphill climb for Microsoft. First came the Xbox Blades, then the New Xbox Experience, and now Destination Arcade. Will the third time be the charm?

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