Aug 26, 2010

Brad Pitt Interested In Playing John Marston?

Yes, the title character of Red Dead Redemption may be played by Brad Pitt. First off, I think that if this game is made into a movie it has sure potential. It already has a stable fan base, a great plot, and strong characters.

I would prefer to see a darker actor in the role, maybe Johnny Depp? There's a world of possibilities for this film. Now lets just hope it doesn't turn out like Jonah Hex. According to Showbiz Spy, Brad Pitt is looking to adapt the Game of the Year contender into a movie although absolutely no details are present. We don’t know who has the rights to the project but their sources claim that Pitt is the favorite for the part and has been given first refusal rights.

Just a quick review of the Red Dead plot: Red Dead Redemption takes place in 1911 and follows protagonist John Marston, an ex-gang member whose family is held captive by government agents to force him to hunt down his old associates. Traveling from New Austin to Mexico and meeting some very memorable characters along the way, the game lets players experience the Old West like never before, with gameplay elements including authentic horseback riding, poker games, cattle herding to good ol’ gun fighting.

What do you think? Is Brad Pitt a good choice to play this western gaming icon?

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