Aug 1, 2010

James Bond Gave My DS A GoldenEye?

If you watched E3 2010 and are a James Bond fan than you surely are excitingly expecting the release of GoldenEye. Rumor had it that both Wii and DS versions were supposably to be under works. Or so they said?

Wii fans rejoice, DS fans not so much. On stage in the E3 expo only the Wii version of the game was revealed. So that raised up a question, "Will their be a DS version?".

Were the rumors true?

Lets just say that whoever started it was right. There will be GoldenEye for the DS! Now you can stop holding your breath and release your pressure ball from your hand. Calm down, no need to stress.

Activision has confirmed that there will be a DS version of GoldenEye. Also, both Daniel Craig (Bond) and Judi Dench ("M") will voice their characters in the DS game.

Awesome news! So now all Wii and DS owners can rejoice together and get a fistful of GoldenEye when it is released.

Are you getting GoldenEye? 

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