Aug 3, 2010

New Transformers MMORPG Announced

NetDragon, a Chinese developer has announced that they will be working on a brand new Transformers MMORPG set to come out in 2011. NetDragon is also known for bring EA's Dungeon Keeper games in a an MMO so I think they know a thing or two about making games.

Transformers Online

The bad part is that for right now there only intention is to publish it to China and a few neighboring countries. Even though there it isn't set to release in America, I wouldn't be surprised to if an American developer tackle son the project.

It is not known yet if there would be a subscription fee and barely any other details have been released at the moment. Hopefully Transformers Online can be as good as War For Cybertron was.

Are you excited for Transformers Online?

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