Aug 11, 2010

Top Characters To Fight A Boss Battle With

Battling bosses are some of the best moments inside a video game. It lets you finally test or learn brand new moves on a huge monster and it changes things up a bit. If your tired of the same boring hack and slash, boss battles can really pick things up and make the game more exciting, instantly.

Sometimes bosses can be real hard and your supposed epic move barely makes the boss flinch. It would be great if you can have someone help you in moments like these.

What video game characters would I love to fight along with?


Metroid Samus

I wouldn't mind having this alien fighting bounty hunter on my side. I just need her to power up her cannon and blow extra-powerful blast's into my enemy. Talk about a knockout!


You know who he is. The sniper from Modern Warfare 2 who wears a really cool skull mask. With him on my side, all I need to do is weaken the boss up a bit and then let Ghost finally give him a few head shots to finish the job. 


Lightning Final Fantasy 13
I just need her to bring out her signature weapon, Blaze Edge, and tackle on the monster.
Why do I let her fight by herself?

Maybe the boss might be embarrassed about fighting a girl and doesn't want to be ridiculed in the monster community.

I mean who knows.

If that doesn't work then Lightning can just use her Blaze Edge and weaken the monster with some bullets then hack and slash her way to victory.

 Ezio Auditore

Ezio Auditore

The main character in the latest Assassin Creed games would be a great companion in a boss battle. Even though he might be a double agent, his speed and quick sneak attacks would really come in handy. 

The boss would be on the floor so fast that he wouldn't even know what hit him. I just have to make sure he doesn't try to ambush me later.




Master Hand

Even though technically 'Master Hand' is a boss, it would still be the coolest thing for him/her to be on your side. Literally all you have to do is b*tch slap the crap out of your opponent. Once he is dazed and confused, just flick him like a booger far, far away. This character pwns all others.

Master Hand


Those are my top characters that I would love to have by my side in a boss battle. Probably your list is much more different than mine.

What characters would you like to have on your side?

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