Sep 4, 2010

Keeping Up With Cole McGrath And InFAMOUS 2

Those of you who are InFAMOUS fans, know what has happen to Cole McGrath. First we saw our all new Cole (With hair,new set of clothes, new weapons, etc.) on the cover and in the July issue of Gameinformer. Then we all heard the fans reactions to the all new Cole, including developer Sucker Punch.

So now Sucker Punch has created a new Cole design for InFAMOUS 2, which has our classic bald Cole in a slightly new set of clothes. Below is the new Cole design next to the original Cole-InFAMOUS 2 design.
But since that is old news, lets get to the more recent stuff. Because Sucker Punch has to bring Cole back to the drawing board, they have released a new trailer and new screens of the more recent InFAMOUS 2.

Here are the new screens:

And you can see the latest trailer here.

Now the games story hasn't changed. We still see The Beast as the main villain, and Cole in the city of New Marias, New Orleans. Lets just hope Sucker Punch leaves it at that.

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