Jun 14, 2010

Dream Game? In My Dreams!

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My Dream Game isn't going to be based on a movie, show, etc. My Dream Game is based on another factor- an important factor.

Lets take a look down memory lane. Remember back in the 80's when The Legend of Zelda, and the Mario game series first appeared. Why did these games become such a success? It is because they were developed by now popular Nintendo? Nope. Nintendo wasn't even a house hold name back then.

Lets think a little deeper. What did these games have, consist of?

Let me see. They had two major things, story and gameplay! I didnt even grow up in the 80's but I can play these games now and their still twice as fun as they were back then.

Now lets go back to present time 2010. Lets examine the games on the market. Some of the popular games now a days keep this basic principle the same and deliver on it. Others not so much?

So like I said earlier my Dream Game isnt based on multi billion dollar movie, a long running TV show or anything like that.

My Dream Game is not one that consists of hype and false advertising but  a two basic factors that most game developers can't seem to accomplish-gameplay and story.

Are you with me? Discuss in the comments how you feel about this Dream Game.

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