Jun 10, 2010

How To Instantly Connect Your Xbox Through Wireless Internet Without Paying A Dime


There are two ways to connect an Xbox 360 to the Internet: a wired connection or a wireless connection. A wired connection is always faster because it creates a direct connection between the console and a modem or router, with an Ethernet cable. However, sometimes this might not be possible, for example, if your Xbox 360 is located too far from an outlet. In such a case, you must connect wirelessly, us
 ing the Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter.  The adapter is $100, so I recomend you go the wired route. OK you bridge your local and wireless connections. You must highlight both then right click bridge connections. Plug in your ethernet cable and almost like magic you have a connection. I did say almost so don't think your Xbox is special or anything. So that's how you instantly connect your Xbox through wireless internet without paying a dime.

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