Jun 10, 2010

Lightning Does Strike Twice


The latest Game Informer showed the latest details on Sucker Punch's new game Infamous 2. They all showed that the sequel would be nothing like the original. With a new setting, new powers, and a new Cole Infamous 2 is sure to be a hit. The first game caught me by surprise with it's outstanding game play and plot. The fact that Kessler is really an alternate version of Cole and that the Ray Sphere was the reason fo Cole's powers was very intregging. But what caught me the most was the vision
 Cole has at the end of the game. The vision is of a sort of Armeggedon like villan that's going to ruin the world and is the reason why Kessler is trying to stop Cole from taking the wrong path. So theres a lot more to the game then being a Hero or
The  Beast From Infamous 1 and 2
Infamous, theres a whole saga behind Infamous and it's sequel is ready to unravel it.
The first change we noticed from the first game to it's sequel is Cole's hair, that is he has some. Turns out Sucker Punch is kind of recreating Cole with a new voice actor, a new look, and probably some new powers. The hair thing is kind of a conflict to me because in the first Infamous a cut scene of the future showing Cole and Trishes wedding shows cole with a buzz cut like in the first game. Cole's new look unvolves reddish hair, facial hair, a v neck shirt, two necklaces around his neck, and bandages around his hand. but he's still got the book bag. Cole's not the only who's changed, so has his sidekick Zeke.

You still become Infamous or Hero in the sequel
The main difference in the game is that Cole no longer romes the streets of Empire City.
 Instead he now lives in New Madras a city in new Orleans. In some screenshots I saw in the latest Game Informer I noticed that Cole looked like he had ice coming out of his hand. Ice is a pociblitie of a new power but developer Sucker Punch says "He's still the Electric Man", but I'm still looking forward to some type of is power. Cole is not the first Electric Man we see, between Black Lightning, Static Shock, and the Jedi and Sith's power to let electricity out of their hand. So Sucker Punch has to do something to make their hero different. When recreating Cole Sucker punch thought " What if an athlete like Tony Hawk had super powers? What would he be like?" So Sucker Punch has gone a long way from Sly Cooper and I hope the sequel is just as goo as the first.

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