Jun 9, 2010

Transforming Our View Of Cybertron

High Moon Studios is trying to revolutionize Transformers games. I mean lets face it, the Transformer video game franchise has been very weak and disappointing these last couple of years. Between Transformers the movie video game to Revenge of the Fallen some of us have lost hope in Transformers video gaming forever. Well High Moon Studios is hoping to change that. Bringing the Transformers to the begining and to
 their home planet was a risky move, but High Moon was willing to take it on. Having to create the whole world of Cybertron from scratch is a hard task considering the comics, cartoons, and movies haven't explained much on the subject. During the plot we get to witness Optimus Prime become a Prime and Bumblebee
  and Optimus first greeting, the game will show us a part of Transformers we have never seen before.

 The game will have 10 player online and 1 to 3 multiplayer. You have a choice of to campaigns which is a simple choice, Autobot or Decepticon. The Decepticon campaign takes place before the events of it's Autobot counter part. Each campaign consists of three player drop in drop out co-op. You will also be able to customize your own Transformer which is my favorite feature that I'm surprised that past Transformers game developers didn't think of.  You also will have to chose a class for your Transformer, scout, leader, scientist, or soldier. Each class is tied to a different vehicle,cars, trucks, tanks, jets, etc. each robot in the game is completely different. Ratchet is nothing like Optimus and Optimus is nothing like Bumblebee, etc.

 I caught a glimpse of lacon in the game the Autobots HQ. It's breathtaking and is the peak Cybertron civilisation.The whole environment is very modern and futuristic and definitely can pass for a place where Transformers originated. The game's weapon swapping and health regeneration reminds of Gears Of War. Ram does decent damage when your in vehicle form and Dash helps you move quick when your in danger. A Wii version of the game named Transformers Cybertron Adventures will be released for Wii near the same time. The game will be released on June 22. Hasbro gave High Moon a lot of freedom with the license so they have a lot to work with. 

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