Jun 9, 2010

The Evolution Begins

 Bridging Tron Legacy and the original Tron, Tron Evolution has a lot of expectations from me. It's an easy plot to work with though considering the movies are based on video games, you would think developers Propaganda Games and Disney Interactive Studios don't have much to work with. Tron
  Legacy is a huge leap in technology and special effects compared to Tron so the game should have just as dazzling effects and concept art. Remember Tron was technology wise far more superior then other movies
  of it's time.
 Plus the best part is light cycles are off the grid so you feel like your really riding, well sort of. the games release date is November 1 but they are definitely releasing lots of info on the game. The developers promise arenas for the light cycles which gives a hint to fact that the game might have multiplayer. I'm looking forward to seeing if the game will have multiplayer and hopefully online as well.
The games plot takes place in 1989, the same year Jeff Bridges character a programmer named Kevin Flynn goes missing in the path to Tron Legacy. The Abraxas virus is slowly corrupting and your character is caught in the war of extinction. The main character's identity is unknown but is just a human who made their way into the program like anyone else in Tron. Players will probably be able to construct their own character.Gameplay is a mix of free running and melee and mid-range combat using your iconic disc against corrupted programs. So yes this means there will be no Tron Legacy video game, but Propaganda Games promises will be Tron Evolution better.

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