Jun 9, 2010

Roads? Where Spider-Man’s Going He Doesn’t Need Roads

I figure if your reading this you are some what of a Spider Man fan. So I'm  sure you know about Spider Man Unlimited and Ultimate Spider Man. Well the new Spider Man Shattered Dimensions game is particularly based on that very topic .I respect all Spider Man games considering the fact that I'm a fan and that Spider Man Friend Or Foe wowed me dramatically (And I had it for PS2). Although I like Spider Man I'm not a big fan of the whole futuristic dimension thing. I find it to have to much of a confusing and unstable plot and I just can never keep track. well I have a feeling this game is different or at least is 'going' to be different.
Activision announced Shattered Dimensions in April and when I first heard about I thought we were approaching Web Of Shadows 2, boy was I wrong. Activision said the game would let venture through four different universes and would show gamers a Spider Man they weren't familiar with. The art styles for each universe have high expectations from me and I'm hoping they will a vary drastically. Each one has a different style of game mechanics to make each universe more unique.

The 2099 Spider Man will be voiced by Dan Gilvezan the voice actor for Spider Man in the 80's animated series Spider Man And His Amazing Friends. The 2099 Spider Man isn't your old Innocent Peter Parker (literally) instead he's Miguel O'Hara a brilliant geneticist who's expirements grant him the very powers of Spider Man similar to those of the original. Similar to that of Spider Man Unlimited O'Hara wears a suit that allows him to glide using the fabric uhnder his arms.This glide feature has let developer Beenox to create larger, more vertical environments for Spider Man 2099 to glide through. The feature means alot of action will occur wile your gliding in the air, so Spidey 2099 will have to dodge hover cars, jet bikes, and monorails as he flies through a city that stretches into the sky. Spider-Man 2099’s other powers include enhanced senses, which allow him to briefly slow down time, and razor sharp talons that make him a fierce hand to hand combatant. All of this should come in handy while Spidey is fighting Hobgoblin, a villain that Beenox is introducing to the 2099 universe. Fially no more Green Goblin, I'm really starting to get annoyed by that grimlin.

More combat thinking, the aAmazing Spider Man will probablly use more web based combat like the web hammer above. This screen shot actually reminds me of Arkham Asylum when you must fight the Joker's henchmen, and so do other features like gliding (hopefully you can use glide kicks). Anyway the Amazing Spider Man is the Spidey we know and love and his universe is the most colorful and upbeat of them all. Like I said earlier his combat skills are focused on web based attacks and weapons that he uses against enemies. This universe is alot closer to the comics and their fans. During one battle with Kraven the Hunter, I noticed Spidey throw the villain into a stone pillar, and then pick up the large pieces of rock and hurl them at the master hunter for extra damage.

The Noir universe takes Spider-Man and transplants him into a mob-run New York of the 1930s. Noir is visually darker, but this art style is used to full effect in the gameplay, which focuses on stealth combat. No he is not black because of the symbiote but originally when I first saw these screen shots thats what I saw, but if you lok at the details of the suit it really is nothing like it. In a section of the game Noir Spidey must track down his enemy Norman Osborn none as the Goblin. Spidey then sneaks his way into Coney Island to find the Goblin.Unfortunately a fireworks display explodes overhead, so Spider-Man will have to be extra careful to not get caught in the open during one of the light flashes, otherwise he’ll quickly find himself facing off against an army of the Goblin's goons. Hopefully all of Spider-Man Noir’s levels have a similar unique twist on the standard stealth-based action.
Spider Man Shattered Dimension is released this September and I hope were in for another great Spider Man game. One question remains "Whats The Fourth Universe"? we will have to wait and see. Could it be a manga Spider Man or even an Italian Spider Man. "Manja Spidey, Manja".

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