Jun 16, 2010

PS3 vs Xbox War

PS3 vs Xbox? Xbox vs PS3? You have heard this question multiple times. Which one is better? You decide!

Were going to be introducing the first ever competition here on Game Adrenaline called the:

PS3 vs. Xbox War

You can finally declare who wins in the video game system wars. All it takes is a comment.

In the comment section below tell us which system is better in your opinion. Tell us why you like it. This is your opportunity to end the war for good (or at least the war here on GA) once and for all. 

We will select the best comments and declare the winner and do some shout outs in a later date so come back and check out for that.

Vote in the poll, comment below. Tell your friends! You decide who wins in the PS3 vs. Xbox War.

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