Jul 3, 2010

Fasinating Gaming Facts


1. The first video game is thought to be Space War! which was made by three single men in America university MIT. It is thought by people who are wrong. In fact the first video game is a missile game from 1947, and the first game console is from 1951!

2.The PlayStation was originally planned as a Nintendo console, with Sony to design some of the inside components. When Nintendo secretly renegaded this agreement, Sony decided to make a console anyway. Maybe you have heard of it? Of course you have heard of it! (The Sony PlayStation.)

3. Sonic the hedgehog is not only a fast hedgehog in a video game. Sonic Hedgehog is also a name of a gene on chromosome 7 of a human genome. Biologists!

4. In 1980 the American military approached Atari to make a version of pioneer virtual reality wireframe shooter Battlezone for training. As consequence, soldiers became adept at war near pyramids.

5. In GTA San Andreas, KDST radio host is performed by former Guns 'n' Roses stage clown Axl Rose. He was paid in electricity vouchers.

6. Mario is named after landlord of early Nintendo of America warehouse, Mario Shigali. The original character name in Japan was 'Mr Video Game'. This became Mr Shigali's nickname.

7. Pac-Man was designed by Toru Iwatani for appealing to women, because Pac-Man is always eating… like women!

8. The video game of all time that is least success is ET, it came on the Atari 2600 in 1982. The game is so bad that more than hundreds of thousands of cartridges were buried in a New Mexico trash hole and this game is blamed for the nearly complete collapse of the video game industry.

9. Unlike Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo has never made a loss at the end of a year… even with the GameCube!

10. The first video game Easter egg is thought to be in Atari's 1979 Adventure. It is the name of the programmer, Warren Robinett. It is very disappointing Easter egg.

11. A better Easter egg is Hot Chocolate with GTA San Andreas, this allows the player to have fun in bed… and not sleeping.

12. The short film at the beginning of Pixar movie WALL-E is copied from Valve game Portal. But instead of about a doomed sexual relationship between a robot and a prisoner, it is about a hungry rabbit who wants a carrot!

13. If every person working inside of the video game industry were standing in a circle, the circle would easily besiege Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia.

14. All of the voices in arcade hacking-and-slashing game Golden Axe were performed by American prisoners on death row. The dwarf is known in actual life as The Bloodaliser.

15. Since the release of Mario Bros in 1983, many American children have been named Mario. Since the release of The Secret of Monkey Island in 1990, no children have been named Guybrush.

16. Andelko can finish Half-Life in one hour and three minutes and 21 seconds, but to do this he must exploit bugs. Do not tell him his achievement is illegitimate, or he will strike you.

17. In remote Scotch island of Stornaway, only 48 per cent of the population believe the iPhone exists – less than believe in creation theory of human origin. (100 per cent of the people in Stornaway believe in creation theory of human origin.)

18. In early America days, Nintendo pioneers Minoru Arakawa and Howard Lincoln caught Mario Shigali bowling with a turtle at some mushrooms. This is inspiration for the events of the many Mario games.

19. When Vin Diesel is playing Chronicles of Riddick, he always switches off the computer when he is losing health because he believes when he runs out he will die in real life. He arrived at this belief after misunderstanding The Matrix.

20. Matt Damon will not agree to appear in a video game conversion of his Bourne films because video games are too violent. Thanking god he does not have this objection with films, or we would not be able to enjoy watching him kill many people with his face all caked in blood and fire!

21. The designer of the Xbox 360 controller had a wish to make a controller looking like an animal. After experimenting with many species, he settled with bat, but there is a rare prototype in the shape of a gibbon.

22. Nintendo employees who cannot get 120 stars in Mario Galaxy receive less salary and must eat in a separate canteen labelled 'Fail'.

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