Jun 30, 2010

Playstation Your Confusing? Hulu Plus Is A Waste!

Lately there has been a lot of buzz about Hulu brand new service called Hulu Plus. Supposably it (straight from their site) has "More wherever. More whenever. Than Ever".

Basically they will be more of your favorite shows, you can also view it on your Iphone, Ipad,TV,etc and you can see it in HD. All for the price of $9.99/month.

Major companies such as Playstation and Microsoft are trying to jump on the bandwagon as fast as they can. I understand why Microsoft probably wants this to be on their popular Xbox. Likely because of the success of Netflix and them having minimum internet browsing capabilities on their system.

Playstation, that is the one that confuses me. Why would they want to add that service to their PS3 when they do have internet browsing on their system. It does not make sense. Anyone can easily go to Hulu.com on the PS3 if they wanted. Hulu is free. Hulu Plus isn't.

I don't know. This whole thing just confuses me. I do not own a PS3 so I might as well be missing something.

Am I missing something?

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