Jun 28, 2010

Natal...I Mean Kinect Can Kiss Playstation Moves Light Up Wand

Even though Microsoft's Kinect might not use a controller and allows your voice to control your Xbox, it still kind of sucks. Wait don't hold a riot just yet, let me explain.

All these things might be good, great even but they dimmer your gaming experience. I know its hi-tech, futuristic and revolutionary but I don't think the World is ready for this yet.

With Kinect you use your body, no controllers are needed as mentioned above. What does this mean? Your going to have to use your imagination, and loads of it. Lets say they release a shooter for Kinect your going to have to put your hands I am guessing in a way to represent you holding a gun.

What if you shift your hands a bit your avatar on the screen will do something different. So instead of shooting bullets it throws a grenade or changes the weapon you currently have.

On the Playstation Move you can use its wand stick to represent you holding a gun, you dont need your hands to make much of a shape. It ends up working better thus you enjoy the game more without you getting frustrated.

What I am saying in this rant is the Move has a nice mix of a revolutionary gaming experience and the use of controllers. What the Wii did worked. The Playstation Move took this and made it their own.

I dont know how Kinect is going to be. I dont know if it will be as buggy as I am ranting about in this post. I just hope that Microsoft better make it good. 

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