Jul 26, 2010

How To Get Your Xbox 360 And PSP To Work Together Like A Charm

Presenting the official Game Adrenaline guide on getting your shiny toys to play nice together: your Sony PSP and your Microsoft Xbox 360. Just like iPod integration, this seemed crazy, but we are here to announce: it works great.

Once you have connected the two, all you need to do is put the PSP into USB mode. This can be found in the leftmost �Settings� menu.
Once connected the 360 should recognize the device. Navigate to the Media blade on the 360 and begin by selecting �Music.�
The PSP will be listed as �Portable Device.� Select it and�
You can navigate through the PSP�s (irritating) filesystem. The path is relatively straightforward though, Portable Device : PSP : MUSIC.
For photo playback return to the Media blade and select �Pictures.� Again, select �Portable Device� and again navigate the filesystem until you get to Portable Device : PSP : PHOTO. This should contain all your photos. Mine are organized into playlist folders, and all images had been resized to the PSP�s native 480*272. Considering, they looked almost decent on the giant screen (see pic), so I imagine they would look even better on a more normal-sized screen� say, anything under 8 feet wide.

The menu system allows you to navigate forward, back, stop, pause, and rotate your images. The Pictures playback should be identical for your USB enabled digital camera as well.

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