Jul 11, 2010

The Most Swash Buckling Pirates Of The Caribbean Game Yet

Although the name sounds like something from Transformers, Pirates Of The Caribbean Armada of the Damned was one of the most anticipated video games of E3 and now of GA. From the success of the Pirates Online service, the new Pirates game shouldn't be a problem. If anything, the game feels like Fable. The game doesn't seem to have much customization features. Armada is being developed by Propaganda Games, the creators of the recent game Turok. It's an open world RPG, and is not based on any past or upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. So whats so special about this game?
The game is of course third person and allows you to switch weapons. In the game, you can choose to become Legendary or Dreaded, and that affects all sorts of things, from the way that you look and move to the loot, the story and cutscenes that you get to see. Dreaded is about embracing the supernatural, living on the outskirts of society, and Legendary is all about seeking celebrity, all about agility and swashbuckling. Sounds like another chose your path game like inFAMOUS or Spider-Man Web Of Shadows.

 Your ship and its crew will play a big part in character customization, whether you choose the Legendary or Dreaded path. Propaganda hasn't released much info on the game but from what is known we can say the graphics look decent, the game is very open world, their will be ship combat, and the game has nothing to do with future, or past Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. Hopefully the rest of the game will emerge through the fog before it's released early next year.

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