Jul 13, 2010

Guitar Hero Watch Your Backs, Rock Band 3 Is Making Its Mark

I have been a fan of the Guitar Hero games since Guitar Hero 3 and always vowed to never get a Rock Band game because I felt they were just copying them. Now I am starting to think twice.

Rock Band 3 is truly introducing new things in their latest installment, things that will make the game loads better. Make sure to save up cause you do not want to miss this game. Here is whats new!

First off all they're introducing a keyboard to the game. What!!! I know its awesome. Now you'll be closer to being a real rock band then ever before.

Plus for the people who thought the game was getting a bit too easy even on Expert mode they're putting Pro mode to further test your skills in the game. Pro mode will teach you a bit about how to play the game in real life. It will show you how to play some chords on the guitar, how to play with two hands on the piano, and how to rock out on the drums.

And if you like interacting with your judges or crowd that will also be in the game. Lets say your performance really sucks, your crowd will start trying to boo you off the stage. Now you can win them back.

Also you can import songs of your own and get songs from past games in this new installment too.

Rock Band 3 really looks like it is going to be a smash hit. Guitar Hero watch your guitars. Rock Band might crush them on their way to the top!

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