Sep 22, 2010

Dream Game: Call Of Reach?


My Dream Game will hopefully be the most epic shooter game of all time. I am sure all of you know about the Call Of Duty and Halo video game series.

Both have made their makers a good amount of money, and have a huge fan base. Wouldn't it be great if Infinity Ward and Bungie teamed up and made the ultimate shooter game. These two amazing developers will for sure come up with something truly amazing and even (maybe) revolutionary!

It would be great if it:

  • Mixed both Sci-Fi and real life elements
  • Maybe could bring back some iconic characters from their own respected games. (Master Chief and Ghost would be a great combo)
 They could call it 'Call Of Reach' or 'Halo Warfare'. Who knows!

What do you guys think? Would Bungie and Infinity Ward be a good team?

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