Sep 19, 2010

DreamCast-Casting InFAMOUS The Movie

Here are my picks for the movie adaption of the popular PS3 game inFAMOUS.
Now an inFAMOUS movie is already in the works from Sony, but one of the most important things when making a movie is the casting. Here are my choices for the main characters in an inFAMOUS movie.

Cole MacGrath-Sam Worthington

First of all the guy can act (See Avatar, Terminator Salvation), and second he looks like Cole. There's just no competition here, Sam's got to be Cole. He knows how to play a serious main character in a sci-fi movie perfectly, so this is just another one for him.

Zeke-Seth Rogan

I was going to cast Vince Vaugn for this, but I just can't imagine it. In the game Zeke is Cole's (semi-annoying) sidekick who is chubby and has a funny yet annoying voice, just like Rogan. Rogan also fits the age of Zeke, making it more realistic that he's friends with Worthington's Cole.

Kessler-Hugh Laurie

I can defiantly see Laurie as an evil alternate future version of Worthington. He can be a very serious actor when he wants to be (See House), and evil and despicable at the same time. If not Laurie, Sony should go with Jason Isaacs.

Alden-Ian Mckellen

After seeing him as Magneto, I think the guy can play the baddest of villains out there. So since Alden is a deranged old man (Like Magneto), Ian's a good fit. I guess Anthony Hopkins could work too.

John-Terrence Howard

I was disappointed to not see Howard as War Machine in Iron Man 2, so I just really want to see this guy in a superhero flick again. Now a fan favorite for the role is Will Smith, but I don't see that working out. I think Howard is a much better and believable choice for the role.

Trish-Jennifer Garner

I actually didn't consider anyone else for the role. I think I'm the first one to choice Garner as Trish, but that's because it's a good fit. I've always thought she'd be a good Lois Lane, and since technically Trish is Cole's sort of Lois so their similar. Garner can also play dramatic, which she'll need for the role (Not going to spoil it).

Sarah-Helena Bonham Carter

If you don't know who she is, she played a Death Eater in the most recent Harry Potter movies and is the partner of Tim Burton (she's the mother of his kids but their not married). Since in the game Sarah's sort of insane and is sort of in love with Kessler, I can see Carter in the part.


Really Moya can be played by anyone since she's really not seen in the game but you hear her voice. They could always have the same voice actress who did her voice in the game to reprise the role, or maybe they want to go with a big time Hollywood actress.

Well those are my picks for an inFAMOUS movie. Stay tuned throughout these months as we do other DreamCasts for video games we want to see as movies.

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