Dec 1, 2010

Inception Video Game In The Works


Those of you out there who are fans of the summer blockbuster Inception, it seems a video game is heading your way. And more specifically an RPG based in the dream world created by Christopher Nolan. Here are the details: 

Here's what Nolan had to say on the subject:
"I always imagined Inception to be a world where a lot of other stories could take place. At the moment, the only direction we’re channeling that is by developing a videogame set in the world".

So if we were to see an Inception video game, is an RPG really the right route for it. Would you enjoy playing a video game in the dream world. And more importantly, would actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt reprise there roles as voices of their own characters. Here's what Nolan had to say about video games:

Something I’ve wanted to explore— and certainly a veritable massive multiplayer online role playing game (as imagined by Carl Jung) would seem to be a perfect for the interactive, non-linear dream world of Inception.

As we all know from past attempts, we have yet to see a very successful movie based video game. But with Nolan, it's possible.

Would you pick up an Inception video game?

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