Aug 21, 2010

Worst Characters To Get In A Drunk Bar Fight With


Bars and Fights. Both seem like an almost perfect match. Crazy things happen when your drunk but even crazier things happen when your in a room full or drunk guys.

Make sure that if you're ever drunk to never try to start a fight with these guys.

Cause trust me, you don't wanna see these guys drunk.

Solid Snake-Metal Gear Solid

The former Green Beret who has an IQ of 180 can no doubt beat your butt. If you try to lay one hand on him be prepared to be flown across the room.

Ganadorf-Legend Of Zelda

This boss is hard to defeat in the Legend of Zelda games imagine how hard he is to beat in real life. In real life you don't have multiple lives. One swipe of his hand and your down...for good.

Bowser-Mario Games

Lay one hand on this guy and be prepared to be crushed and and penetrated by his enormous spikes.

Mario might be able to defeat him but trust me you cant jump as high as Mario, especially when your drunk.

Chrono-Chrono Trigger

 One of the best characters from one of the best RPG games ever made. Silent but deadly he will beat you before you know whats coming.

Shredder-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Games

Be prepared to be shredder-fied! If your lucky maybe four large turtles might fly in from the roof and kick his butt but, if they don't. Your doomed.


Mike Tyson-Mike Tyson's Punch Out 

Come on, its Mike Tyson. Must I elaborate? Trust me, you do not want to fight Mike. If he first doesn't succeed at biting off your ear then he will give you just two punches to the face and your down.

Notable Mentions

Trypticon-Transformers War For Cybertron

Sephrioth-Final Fantasy

Master Chief-Halo


Bane And Killer Croc-Batman Arkham Asylum

Venom-Spider-Man Video Games

Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk-The Incredible Hulk Video Game

    What characters do you think are the worst to be in a drunk bar fight with?

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