Oct 2, 2010

DreamCast-Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Spiderman Shattered DImensions
Here are my picks for a movie adaption of the new hit Spider-Man game; Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions.

Her we go, starting with my Spider-Men choices:
Amazing Spider-Man-Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire
What can I say, Tobey is Spider-Man. No matter what Sony does to the franchise there will always be the original Spider-Man. It would be great to see Maguire back on the big screen as Spidey, and it would bring joy to the fans who almost or have given up on the Spider-Man films.

Ultimate Spider-Man- Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield
Well since the reboot is supposed to be based on the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, then it's only fair that Garfield reprise his role as the younger version of the webslinger.

Noir Spider-Man-Elijah Wood
He was a candidate for the reboot back when they wanted an older Spidey, and really Wood is a good actor (Flipper, Lord of the Rings, etc.). He really wouldn't need to talk much for the role but that doesn't mean Wood can't do it. This would actually be a very interesting pick for Noir Spidey.
Noir Spider-Man-Daniel Radcliffe
I know he's Harry Potter, but that doesn't mean he can't play another hero. And I don't mean do this Frodo vs Harry Potter thing here, cause that's old (Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fans, you know what I'me talking about). Now that the Harry Potter franchise is coming to an end Radcliffe needs something to do, so why not. He was a candidate for the actual Spider-Man reboot like Wood, and also like Wood he's done those mythical fantasy movies already so he's got experience. This could really work, especially if they think Wood's to old for the part.

Spider-Man 2099- Emile Hirsch
Another candidate for Spidey in the reboot, the Speed Racer star has a striking resemblance to Miguel O'Hara (Spidey 2099). We've already seen him act in a futuristic environment (Speed Racer) why can't we just see him do it again.

Deadpool-Ryan Reynolds
This one is already set in stone. Reynolds played Deadpool in X-Men Orgins Wolverine, and could possibly reprise the role for a Deadpool movie. Fans liked the fact of Reynolds as Deadpool, so why not bring him back. let's just hope he's not to busy with Green Lantern.

Sandman-Adam Baldwin
He's been a fan favorite to play Sandman in the upcoming reboot, so it's only right he do this role too. Maybe it would make more sense to bring back Thomas Haden Church to reprise the role since were bringing Tobey back in this, but Baldwin is currently preferred as Sandman.

Norman Osborn/The Goblin-Josh Brolin
He looks the part for sure, and while I wouldn't pick him as Norman in a regular Spider-Man film, I can imagine him opposite Wood or Radcliffe on the big screen.

Kraven the Hunter- Viggo Mortensen
Viggo has that vicious attitude in his acting which causes me to believe he can do this part. A fan favorite for the role is Gerald Butler but I personally prefer Viggo. He can defiantly get Kraven's accent down pact for the film.

Carnage-Robert Knepper
A fan favorite for Carnage, there's no question. While names like Jim Carey come to mind when you here the name Carnage, really I think Knepper can capture the insane serial killer monster essence of Carnage. Robert Knepper is Carnage, end of story.

Vulture/Adrian Toomes-Steve Buscemi
When you hear 'Vulture, you think of an old bald man with wings, but I think this version needs a younger more darranged actor, like Buscemi. He looks the part (and has even gotten old enough to play Vulture). He wouldn't be my first pick for a regular Vulture, but he's perfect for this version of the character.

Electro/Maxwell Dillon-Ben Foster
Ben Foster has always been my choice for Electro no matter what, sofor this film I want the same. And like a said earlier, since the reboot will be based on the ultimate comics and Foster is my choice as Electro for the reboot, it's a given.

Juggernaut-Vinnie Jones
Vinnie played Juggernaut in X-Men The Last Stand, and since his part in the film was so small I'd like to see him do it again. Vinnie has even expressed interest in reprising the role in the past so I'm sure he'd actually except the role.

Mysterio-Zachary Quinto
Please no Bruce Campbell. Sam Raimi is not making this movie so Bruce doesn't need to make a cameo. We need a real Sci-Fi pro that can play the nerdy special effects genius Mysterio and who better than Spock of Star Trek himself; Zachary Quinto. Anything is better than Bruce Campbell, anything.

Hammerhead-Harvey Keitel
He's played a mobster before, plus he looks the part. He's also the perfect age for Hammerhead, and has the exact attitude that Hammerhead has.

Hobgoblin-Cillian Murphy
Cillian played Scarecrow in Batman Begins so we already know he can play a villain, but on top of that Scarecrow is very similar to Hobgoblin himself. I think Murphy can pull off Hobgoblin's insanity, like he did with Scarecrow. Personally, I think he's a perfect pick.

Madame Web-Vanessa Redgrave
Some fans want to see her as the new Aunt May, but personally I think she's a better Madame Web. Madame Web is important to the game, since she is the one that gets all the Spideys together in the first place. In the comics Web acts as a mentor to Spider-Man because of her experience, and I think Redgrave can play a character with that kind of wisdom.

Scorpion-Dominic Purcell
I know he's a fan favorite for Eddie Brock, but I think he'd make a better Scorpion. He has the look, and while Timothy Olyphant is the perfect choice for Scorpion in the reboot, I think Purcell is a better choice for a 2099 version of the character. Although Scorpion would probably be CGI (since he's more of a monster rather than a guy in a suit in this game), Purcell would probably just have to do the voice.

Doctor Octopus 2099/Female Doctor Octopus-Angelina Jolie
Jolie obviously knows how to play a strong female character, and Doc Ock 2099 is exactly that. Since the character was made up for this game, she never was in the comics so little is known about her. But what I do know is she's based on Lady Octopus from the Amazing Spidey comics, which in that case Jolie is a perfect choice. She's the main and final boss in the game, so that would give Jolie a huge part in the film.
I hope you enjoyed my casting of Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. If you have any suggestions for this casting, feel free to share them in the comments.

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