Oct 2, 2010

Dreamcast 2?!?!?

Remember the Dreamcast. No? You soon will.

DreamCast2,Dream Cast 2,DreamCast 2
The creator of the super popular video game franchise, Sonic The Hedgehog has said that he hopes to work on a Dreamcast 2.

Yuji Naka stated in a recent press release in London that he misses the old days.

"I do miss those old days when I was heavily involved in hardware making at Sega," Naka said. "I was involved in most of the consoles and controllers that Sega came up with."

He later continued saying that he mainly wants to help with the hardware that is involved with the Dreamcast 2.

I have never personally played a Dreamcast but I wouldn't mind getting myself a Dreamcast 2. Lets see what Naka can come up with. Hopefully its something revolutionary.

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