Feb 11, 2011

Vanquish Review


What's the answer to full robo-russian invasion on a space colony, where there are only 8 hours to annihilation? Meet the Sam Guideon, the jack@$$ with a suit that has rockets, guns, and slo-mo for awesome head shots. God bless America.

Feb 10, 2011

Challenger Appeared!


Le Gasp! A new Author on Game Adrenaline! BLASPHEMY!

-Ahem- All kidding aside, hello folks, my name's Jawa, and I'll be your new GameAdrenaline author as of today! -Cheers, ecstatic applause- I'll be doing reviews and tributes to characters and games all over the blue marble we call Earth! -Applause- Next week, I'll be reviewing Alan Wake, a game about a famous writer who goes on a vacation in Bright Falls, and scary and mysterious things start happening. I'll also be doing a tribute on a very not-thought-of character who's been with us since the time of Mario! All this and more, from Jawa! -Bow-

Guitar Hero and DJ Hero Say Adios!

It is a sad day in video game history. There is a rumor going around that Activision might be stopping the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises.

Since the economy is still pretty stinky at the time of writing this post Acitivsion is currently laying off a few employees that worked on these games. All this comes to no surprise, music games have been, iffy, lately.

Feb 9, 2011

Red Faction: Guerilla Review

This trip to mars is well worth visiting.           Score:9.5

      Hmm, an earth on the verge of collapse economically and a free ticket to mars and an offer to start fresh as a minor. Hell, why not? Not so fast.