Feb 9, 2011

Red Faction: Guerilla Review

This trip to mars is well worth visiting.           Score:9.5

      Hmm, an earth on the verge of collapse economically and a free ticket to mars and an offer to start fresh as a minor. Hell, why not? Not so fast.


Its the year 2075 and mankind has pushed earth to its limit. Fortunately, we have colonized mars and mine precious minerals to keep the economy alive. However, highly oppressive soldiers and low morale doesn't make an ideal mining environment. Coming into mars to meet his brother, Dan Mason. Our protaginist, Alec Mason comes to start anew.

But the EDF kill dan for being a supposed terrorist, and alec joins the red faction in an act of revenge .Enter the red faction, who wishes to overthrow the EDF [Earth Defense  Force]. Unfortuantly, a ragtag group of guerillas against an entire contracted army makes revolution seem so far away. But thats only the story, lets get into the gameplay.


Red Faction guerilla [RFG] is a shooter/action that is displayed in 3rd person camera view and is in a large open world where missions are done when you want. The shooting and explosions feels refined. Most of the objectives follow actual guerilla tactics like blowing up forts and bases and getting the hell out fast. Most of the time its go here, blow something up, get out or kill this guy but does not feel redundant.

The weapons are standard issue: an assault rifle, shotguns, a sniper rifle. But a few neat "guerilla guns" like the thermobaric rocket that destroys everything in sight or the nano rifle that uses nanites to deconstruct everything molecule by molecule. Also the enviroment plays a key role, which I'l explain why next.

Visuals: The game presents great martian deserts, towns, vistas in great detain and frame-rate holds everything together nicely. Also there is the game's biggest feature: the Geo-Mod 2.0 engine which turns the environment to a weapon or playground. All buildings are destroyable brick by brick and adds a great touch of awesome onto the game.

Or in simpleton terms: Dont have a key to a door, make a door with your trusty sledgehammer. Being the most advanced engine to boot, it's a reason to buy the game itself.


This game was an experience and replay it almost all the time after finishing the 10 hour campaign, which has a weak story but good gameplay, a fantastic destruction engine, and hitting EDF soldiers in the head with a sledgehammer never felt so good. Long live the faction!


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