Jun 16, 2010

Living In The Shadows Of Another Console

As times have changed so has gaming. My Wii has gone from the console of my dreams to an antique that seats in my brother's room waiting to be played with. As a little kid my first console was a PS2 that my dad surprised me with. Before then I wasn't even into gaming but I soon would be. Soon I started buying Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Midnight Club, you name it. That was until a PSP commercial came on showing something that looked like a portable PS2. A year later my mom got
  it for me and I played and played with it until I saw a Wii comercial. Get the picture?

It is a never endless chain. my coauthor Edwin for example traded in his Game Cube, Wii, and all the games he got for them for an Xbox 360. Me on the other hand recently got a PS3 and my Wii hasn't been touched since. After all those months of begging my mom for a Wii look were it is now. So it's only normal if this very same thing has happen to you. When Kinect and Move come out there will be no need for a Wii, when really the Wii was the first console to introduce motion controlled gaming in the first place. Not fair right. Well that's the way the cruel world of gaming works. How many of you are gonna be getting rid if your Xbox 360 Elite and Arcade for the new slim Xbox. Sorry Wii, PSP,and PS2, there's a new console in town. For now.

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