Jul 16, 2010

1 vs 100 Cut Out Of The Running

Today Microsoft announced it would not be renewing its successful 1 vs 100 for its third season. They said that they originally introduced 1 vs 100 to try to open up a new form of entertainment. I guess their ready to begin something new.

Just a recap, 1 vs 100 was a live trivia game show on the Xbox where if you picked you face off against 100 people. The point is to beat them all, so the more you beat the bigger and better your prize. The prizes vary to Microsoft points to sweepstakes.

Even after a Guinness World record, and countless fans I guess this was not enough for Microsoft to keep the project alive. Lets see what they have planned next. It better be something good to stop a popular show right in its tracks!

Anyways when Microsoft does decide to come out with something new it better:
  • Give more people a chance to participate\
  • Better prizes
  • A new concept of a game show
You know what I am looking for so, what are you looking forward too in whatever they release next? More explosions, a flying goat :), more fun? Tell us in the comments below!

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