Jul 4, 2010

PS3 vs Xbox War: Results

A few weeks back Game Adrenaline had its first ever competition PS3 vs Xbox 360.

Before I begin I would like to thank everyone who participated. Thanks.

Now what you've (probably) been waiting for! May I have a drum roll please? Wait, no. May I have random sound effects from Super Mario 3? Okay, yeah thats better. On to the results!

The winner of  PS3 vs Xbox- (by the way I totally feel like Ryan Seacrest right now. Wait, get serious, back to the results)-is PS3.

Yep you heard that right folks. PS3 had a stunning victory with 19 votes overcoming Xbox which had 7 votes. Hopefully you guys knew that when I said Xbox it was Xbox 360, not the original Xbox.

Well those are the results. Thanks again to whoever participated. Tell us what our next competition should be about in the comments below?

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