Aug 17, 2010

Pokemon Black and White Lets You Enter The Dream World!

Pokemon Black and White is almost here and its set to take things to a brand new level. With a new region, new pokemon, and a whole new battle system this game will no doubt be the game to get.

In Pokemon Black and White they are introducing a modern new region called Isshu. Isshu is more of an industrialized region that is heavily populated. It can only be accessed by boat or by airplane.

In the Isshu region they are inserting a seasonal system and certain pokemon change color depending on the season.

A cool place inside Isshu is Sanyou City. It is the first city you will encounter inside the game. This is also where you will encounter your first gym, ran by Dento. In addition to this, you will meet Makomo one of Professor Araragi's friends who lives here. 

Something really cool about Makomo is she does her research into the Dream World. This is where you'll need to go in order to send your Pokémon from your game to the Dream World and back again

Not much is really known about the dream world but so far the idea seems cool. I wonder if you can get trapped inside the dream world? I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see.

Like most Pokemon games their are exclusive things that the other games don't have. For example one game has this legendary and the other has another legendary even though the setting is basically the same. 

Well this is no different for Pokemon Black and White. 

Pokemon White has White Forest which is a city completely exclusive to it. White Forest will have a variety of wild Pokémon as well as characters and tasks that will not occur in Pokémon Black

Pokemon  Black has Black City which is exclusive to it. Like White Forest for Pokemon White This city will feature many characters and tasks that will not occur in Pokemon White. 

A few of the other places in the Isshu region are Kanako Town, Karakusa Town, Sanyou City, Shippou City, Sekka City, Hiun City, Liberty Garden Tower.

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