Oct 22, 2010

You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream At Kinect!

Do you think the Kinect is an over rated piece of crappy machinery? Are you tired of the endless advertising of Kinect while you scream at your T.V screen?

Microsoft Kinect

Prepare to get more pissed. Microsoft ( the huge money filled company) is estimated to spend $500 million on a gigantic marketing campaign to try to sell as much copies of Kinect as possible.

Be ready to see it everywhere. While you take a shower, in your dreams, even while you rub ointment on your grandmas back, (gross I know).

Kinect will be everywhere. It be only a matter of time before the endless amounts of advertising get to you and you end up buying yourself one.

Lets get the pitchforks and the wooden torches ready before its too late.

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