Jun 19, 2010

Quality Comes With A Price

Microsoft has gone on and on about how Kinect will revolutionize gaming and be number 1 in the motion control battle, but what they didn't blab about was the price of this "revolutionizing" device. The price is at $149.99 and isn't getting cheaper any time sone. The biggest surprise was there was an Elite and Kinect Bundle and a Kinect and Arcade bundle but no bundles with the Xbox 360 Slim. Bad marketing move Microsoft. Of course Sony is having as many bundles as possible with their "revolutionizing" device which is priced $100 less then it's rival. I'm not trying to take sides here but it's SO hard to resist.

The Xbox 360 Slim on the other hand was priced decently which makes me want to buy it even more. But as we have learned before Microsoft is not a cheap company, just take Xbox Live for example. Quality comes with a price, and in Microsofts case a high one. Besides I knew in advance that Kinect (then Natal) would be no cheaper then $120. It's just common sense people. So should this be stopping you from buying Kinect, NO! i'm just asking you to think before you buy this, "Is it really worth it"?

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