Jun 18, 2010

The 3DS Specs Revealed

Ha, Ha. first of all I'm not talking about 3D spectacles I'm talking about specifications. Ya got you pretty nervous right. Anyway lets put that behind us and lets talk 3DS. We know by now that 3DS is the official name of Nintendo's 3D DS, we know it doesn't need 3D glasses, and we know a couple of games to be released on it. Resident Evil and Kingdom of Hearts are just a few of the titles released at Nintendo's E3 Press Confrence.

The 3.02-inch bottom screen has a 320x240 pixel resolution, a small bump over the DS's 256x192 resolution. The larger (3.53-inch) top screen has an 800x240 resolution, though it's really two 400x240 images superimposed over one another for the 3D effect. Got that, cause I didn't.The 3DS supports WPA and WPA2 encryption for its wireless connection, but like the DSi, it's likely that these will be supported only by new games designed to do so, and not for legacy DS games. Got that, cause I didn't.

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