Jun 18, 2010

Save $30 On Your Motion Control Entertainment

Don't feel like paying the $30 asking price for a PlayStation Move Navigation Controller? Who can blame you? There is a cheap solution: just use the DualShock 3 controller. You know your regular PS3 wireless controller. Sony had released some information on this earlier but at an E3 presentation about the Move, Anton Mikhailov confirmed that the two controllers are interchangeable.
This DualShock 3 replacement was  used at Tokyo Game Show last year, to demonstrate the motion controls of Resident Evil 5. While using the DualShock 3 may not be the most attractive way to play, it's certainly nice to know that you have an option to avoid the cost of entry. So all you need is $50 for the Move Controller and your playing and saving $30 at the same time. Your Welcome.

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