Jul 21, 2010

Dream Game: The Invincible Iron Man

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I want the game to explore the origins of Iron Man in the comics. Have villains like Mandarin and Fing Fang Fong appear. I also want the game to stay away from the movies (Although I like them) and I don't want it to be created by Sega. 

I would prefer a new developer like High Moon Studios which if they can fix Transformers video game franchise, they can do the same with the Iron Man one. I want the game to be co-op one player as Iron Man the other as War Machine. 

I want the bosses to all be notable Iron Man villains and challenging. The game should have the same fun amazing action as War For Cybertron.

Here is my Criteria for the game listed :

  • Developed by High Moon Studios

  • Similar to War For Cybertron, and Halo

  • Must have co-op (Two Players Or More)

  • Online multiplayer, Capture the flag, online battles, etc.

  • Customize your own suit and then play using it

  • Include popular villains like Crimson Dynamo, Titanium Man, Fing Fang Fong, Mandarin, etc.

  • Must have better character voices than the cheap sound from the movie based games
Remember if you have an idea for a Dream Game send to us through the Suggestions page or just tell it to us in the comments.

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