Jul 20, 2010

Modern Warfare Membership Fee! Wait I Have To Pay?

There are rumors circulating around the web, claiming that the people behind Call Of Duty are becoming greedy dirt-bags. Rumors claim that you are now required to pay a membership fee to be able to play the game.

So instead of not only paying for live (if your on the Xbox) you also are required to pay membership on Modern Warfare 2 as well.

Damn! I was literally about to quit playing MW2 for good until, the claims above were announced false. Whoa that was a relief.

So let me clear some things up. No, Infinity Ward isn't becoming greedy (yet), and no you do not have to pay membership to play.

Happy? I am! Thanks kid who made the CoD community go in a frenzy about this whole paying crap. Your a hero in my book. OK enough with the sarcasm.

Anyways why are you still reading this? Go to your console and start playing!

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