Jul 14, 2010

Our GA Paradox Finalists

We have narrowed it down to four finalists in our "GA Paradox" contest. All of the following contestents have submited their ideas through our What Do You Want From Telltale's Back To the Future Video Game?
The four plots we have chosen have been based on their creativity and potential. Here are our four possibilities:
1. power_Player Wrote: It's Setember 11 2001 and Doc And Marty hear about the events of that day while visiting 2010 previouslly. They try to go and prevent it but then make it worse crashing the DeLorean into the twin towers before the planes arrive.

2. BLACKLOG1C Wrote: It's June 11th, 1968. Making their way through the peace protesters outside the courthouse, Marty and Doc surreptitiously use Doc’s temporal scanners to look for the missing objects scattered through time by the wreck of the Time Train. After a number of dangerous encounters with riot police and hippies, there’s only one artifact left… the remnants of the train’s flux capacitor… repurposed as a peace necklace, around the neck of a VERY pregnant Loraine McFly. Marty suddenly remembers that he’s going to be born tomorrow

3. bioshocker Wrote: It's June 18th, 1938. Young Emmet Brown is about to announce his engagement to a gold-digging young woman, turning his back on scientific pursuits forever. If Marty and Doc can’t bust into the party and get a singular Jules Verne novel into his hands, Emmet will never invent the time machine, a possibility too horrible to contemplate. Maybe they can sneak in with the swing band

4. Meta77 Wrote: Doc and Marty crash the machine destroying the first home computer created by Steve Jobs. Two years later Bill Gates finds the pieces of the computer left behind and becomes the creator of the home computer. Then Marty and Doc without knowing what they did go to the year 2000 where they find themselves in an alternate universe where Steve Jobs is the president of Microsoft and Bill Gates owns Apple

Congratulations to our finalists, and we will keep you updated on everything that happens with our GA Paradox contest. 

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