Aug 14, 2010

Top Characters To Fight A Boss Battle With Continued

Edwin already talked about his favorite bosses in the first Top Characters To Fight A Boss Battle With, now it's my turn. Just a recap: In this post we are listing video game characters which we feel would be awesome if they were on our side in a boss battle.

Boss Battle

Hope you agree with my choices. Remember this is still my opinion not yours, but feel free to share yours in the comments. Here they are:

Bowser- All Mario Games

Theres no boss bigger and badder then the Peach kiddnapper himself then Bowser. if your a Mario fan, you know what I'm talking about.

Joker-Batman Arkham Asylum

Ahh, the Joker. Nothing beats the Arkham Asylum Joker. Except for the Heath Ledger's Joker, and Jack Nicholson, well you get the point.


Nothing like fighting an alternate evil future version of yourself. What do you get when you age Cole MacGrouth and make him evil and twisted, Kessler.

Blacklash-Iron Man

This battle might seem to be nothing great but I just thought it was so interesting. I could see the character that would fight Iron Man in Iron Man 2, before Iron Man 2 came out. It was also fun to move away from those whips.

Mysterio-Spider Man Friend Or Foe

I would've said Venom, but that would be to predictable. Why the game revived new Goblin fro the dead, I don't know. Why critic hated it, ??? Now the boss fights in this game were all very similar, but it all lead up to this one.

Jackal- Nerf N-Strike

To test your Nerf skills you must fight a professional named Jackel. When being trained, your character Shane  must test his skills with this pro. How fun is that, pretty damn fun.

Axel-Kingdom Hearts 2

All that traveling from Disney world, to Disney world all pays off when you fight the final boss Axel. One of the biggest boss fights yet.

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