Jul 17, 2010

Has The Fourth Spider-Man Dimesion Been Revealed

Has the fourth Spider-Man dimension been revealed? Partially. GameFly has proven that the speed of a game rental website exceeds the speed of a radioactive spider. GameFly posted the final box art for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions,before next week's Shattered Dimensions Comic-Con panel, which is expected to provide the "official" reveal of the fourth universe. Activision has released the statement that the box art is official.

The newly revealed, fourth version of Spider-Man looks like he's wearing the famous (infamous?) black "symbiote" costume, which brings questions about which "universe" it represents in the game. In the comics, the Secret Wars storyline that resulted in Spider-Man's acquisition of this costume took place in the normal "Earth-616" Marvel Comics continuity, which is already one of the game's revealed dimensions.

(The other two are the Noir [Earth-7207] and Marvel 2099 [Earth-928] universes.) It's possible that this probable symbiote costume is the version from the Ultimate universe, which would qualify as a separate universe and fulfill the game's multidimensional gimmick. Wow that was a mouthful. Well this proves I'm a Spider-Man nerd. Looks like we will just have to find out the rest like everyone else, through Comic-Con.

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