Jul 18, 2010

No Toy Gets Left Behind, Not Even Video Games

Toy Story 3 The Video Game passed my expectations dramatically. The game is fun and creative and fixes my judgement of movie based games. I love the goo in which you use to shrink and enlarge people and certain objects. If you buy the game it's like two games in one. First you have the story mode in which you play through scenes of the Toys Story 3 movie with all your favorite characters and more. Then you have my favorite and the one thing that makes this game special, Toy Box mode.
In the Toy Box mode you are in a Woody's Roundup themed town where you can customize the town and towns folk, unlock new people and new universes, and play with a friend in co-op. The toy box ranges to hours and hours of gameplay that you never get bored of. Each time you are trying to complete a mission you find your self motivated by your curiosity of characters and places you still have to unlock. Also in toy box you play through many universes such as Sid's Haunted House, Zurgs Fortress, Lots-O's Enchanted Forest, etc. Each time you complete your journey through a universe, new characters and items are unlocked.
You also can capture bandits and complete missions to advance in the game. And lucky for PS3 owners, you can play as Zurg and use his car to drive around in the Toy Box. I know I'm bragging about Toy box but that's how much I enjoyed it. Now back to Story Mode, you will find yourself swinging from darts in Andy's room, and trying to escape Lots-O's clutches and escape from Sunnyside in this also very fun mode. Hardcore Toy Story fans will even find themselves battling Zurg Bots in a mode themed after the Buzz Lightyear Video Game scene from the beginning of Toy Story 2. So you see, story mode isn't so bad.
 Although the graphics aren't 100%, and the missions in story and toy box mode can get somewhat repetitive, the game is still very astonishing. The Wii version of this game gets a 7 from me, because of the fact that the Toy Box mode is not co-op, and a lot of the fun elements of the game are cut in this version. I wouldn't recomend this game for hardcore gamers, but I will recomend it for anyone looking for a good time. The Toy Story 3 video game is a must have for Toy Story fans and families alike. All I know is that whenever I have guests over I always ask them if they want to play Toy Stoy 3, about 1 minute into the game they won't take their eyes of the screen. It's always a blast. I can't wait till I can play this game with the Playstation Move.
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